War of a monkey and a carb|さるかに合戦|Saru Kani Gassenn

Once Upon a time,When a hungry crab’s mother was looking for food, a cruel monkey with a persimmon came over. When the crab saw the desire of lump, the monkey eat persimmon in front of him and threw the seed to the crab.

By the way the crab was looking for another food and the rice ball fell down. The monkey also found it, but if the crab desperately became desperate and said that this is his own thing, the monkey brings in to replace the persimmon seed. Although the crab is refused, the monkey eats onigiri without permission and puts persimmon seeds on its own.

Although the crabs regretted, I decided to plant persimmon seeds and grow them because there is no choice. “Sprouts can be brought quickly and persimmon seeds will be sprinkled with scissors if you do not go out.” When you sing, buds have emerged from the ground. When singing further persimmon ‘s buds became trees, and further singing resulted in fruit.

The crab tried to eat persimmon nuts, but it really did not reach it. A mean monkey came over there as well. The monkey says, “I will take persimmon nuts” and climb the tree without permission, eat persimmon nuts one by one, and crush the blue persimmon that is not yet ripe to the crabs.

The crab’s shell cracked at the beat and three sons of crab were born, but due to the injury, the crab’s mother died. Three of the crabs who grew bigger decided to deter mothers ‘enemies, succeeded in disciplining the monkeys in cooperation by putting chestnuts, bees and cattle’ s feces and mortar in associates.

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