Umbrella Jizo|笠地蔵|Kasa-Jizo

*Jizo is a guardian deity of children made of Stone

A couple who lives in a snowy mountain did not have even a single rice grain at the New Year. So we decided to go to sell a husband ‘s hairball made by my wife to town.
As the man passed Jizo Pass, snow was piled up on Jizo – sama ‘s head, so I paid the snow. On the evening of New Year ‘s Eve, the man who arrived in the town sells husk balls there, but can not sell anywhere. And, the grandfather ‘s grandfather came over there. Since the shrine selling grandfather never sells the shade, they decided to exchange their respective sale and went home.
On the way, when a man goes through Jizo Pass again, Jizo is standing cold. An easy guy put a cap on the head of Jizo. And when I came home and told my wife about it, I said that it did a good thing and my wife was happy.
Well, when the couple sleeps that night, a noise sounds outside. As I came out, there were many rice, vegetables, fruits, kimonos, etc. there. To the two eyes, I saw that Jizo of the pass passed away in the distance. Thus the two were able to welcome the New Year safely.

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