Three Year Sleeping Man|三年寝太郎|Sannnenn Netaro

Once Upon a time.There was a man called Netaro who was hated by people from the villagers. He woke up every  10 days, and pisses from the top of the mountain. Other than pisses, he sleeps more than 3 years.

In a certain year, the village was drought and the rice field was about to die. The villagers said that this village is punished because of Netaro’s laziness. So they try to kill Netaro.

That night, Netaro got up in the middle of the night, grabbed the big rock on the mountain and dropped it under the cliff. The rock caused a big landslide, changed the flow of the river flowing under it, the water reached near the village, and he was able to draw water even in the rice fields.
Netaro was not just sleeing. He was thinking how he can save the village.

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