One Inch Boy|一寸法師|Issunn Boushi

Once upon a time there lived an old grandfather and grandmother without children. One day, two people picked up a small baby (about 3.03 cm) and decided to naming it as “one-size masters”. Mr. Megumi was a smart and filthy child, but he never gotten bigger.

When Masuda was about 15 years old, he said that he wanted to go to the capital in order to see the world wide. Both the grandfather and the grandmother were worried, but the decision of Masaru Masuda was firm, having a sword of a needle and a sheath of the wheat straw, descended the river with a chopstick paddle to the boat’s boat, and left for the capital.

Mr. Dwarrer continued to paddle hard and finally arrived at the capital. Then, I went to the most respectable mansion in the capital and asked me to hire the owner of the residence. The owner of the mansion admired the one-sized dwarf with a big will in a small body and decided to hire it as the princess’s principal.

One day a day ago, the one – sized gurus accompanied the princess and went to the Kannon to visit. On the way home, two demons suddenly appeared on a dark and unpopular road and tried to go get away with the princess. Although Mr. Dwarf attended the sword without a sword, the demon made a fool of a small one-sized gangster and drank it in a bite.

Then the one – sized guru rampaged in the stomach ‘s stomach, and immediately gave down the ogre. And when the drillman jumped out of the stomach, he stabbed the other ogre ‘s eyes with a sword and let him give in too quickly. The devil was completely afraid and ran away with the treasure called “launch hammer” that wish come true anything.

After that, Masuda got to be a great respectable body with the casting grommets, becoming the son – in – law of the princess wanted. Then I greeted my grandfather and grandmother in my hometown, I lived happily for the rest of my life.
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