Mt CLACK CLACK|カチカチ山|Kachi Kachi Yama

Once upon a time, an old man and an old lady were living in a certain place. Since the two fields are badly destroyed by the raccoon, the old man painted the stumps with “sticky” and caught a raccoon. Then, in order to discipline the raccoon, he seemed to tie the raccoon and hang it on the beam in the kitchen of the house.

Then, after the grandfather went out, the raccoon suggested that the old lady started rice cake and started offering rice cakes. Once the grandmother unravels the rope of the raccoon, the raccoon piercing the old lady immediately with a pestle.

When a grandfather cried, holding a grandmother’s dead, a rabbit that two people treated for a wound came. The rabbit heard a translation from his grandfather decided to take the enemy of the old lady.

The next day, the rabbit was collecting Turtle on the way of the raccoon purposely. Then a raccoon came and told me to help out and walked out with half of Kai on the back. A cunning raccoon tried to build his own house with the garbage collected by the rabbit.

Rabbit said, “Ticking birds are singing,” he said without knowing, and put a fire on the back of the raccoon with a flint stone.Turtle burned and the back of the raccoon became burnt and the squid was saved.

The next day when the raccoon came back, the rabbit disguised and cheated the raccoon, saying that it was a medicine for burns, and painted on the back of the raccoon the mustard containing mustard (lettuce). This blew through the scar of burns, the raccoon jumped and ran away.

On the next day, when the raccoon came back for repatriation, the rabbit disguised again and cheated the raccoon and invited the raccoon to catch fish this time. Rabbit put a raccoon on a large mud boat, saying that he could ride a small wooden boat and put a full fish.

When two mowed out a boat in a deep river, the rabba sang “The mud boat breaks down Zakkuri, Ending ~ ♪”. As it was, the mud boat seemed to bleed through the water and the raccoon sank into the river and flew again.

The rabbit who struck the grandmother ‘s enemy in this way put hands on the grave’ s grave together with the grandfather and prayed for the grandmother ‘s soul.

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