Mt. Abandoning-old-people|うばすて山

Once in a certain country, there was a law to let the old discard the old people. Everyone was supposed to go to the mountain at the age of 61 at the age that the old is useless for the country.

A son living in a countryside in such a country had a disappointment. Omaha was fine by nature, but to tomorrow it was 61 years old at last and I had to go to the mountain quietly.

My son had no choice but to put Omaha on the backpack early the next morning, it faced to Ukibita mountain with heavy footsteps.

Eventually the mountain gradually became deep, and when the mountains came back to the end, the sound of folding a branch “Pakit, Pakit” comes from the back of my son. Omaha says that his son is folding a branch in the corridor so that he will not get lost on his way home. My son, who heard this, felt his parents heart, his breasts filled. And, descending from the mountain despite having a fault on the back. Regardless of what condemnation I received, I decided to prepare for fostering.

Well, after a while the lords of the next great country came up with a challenge to the lords of this country. And if you can not answer this challenge it says to take off this country. That challenge was “ash with rope”. My son made it overdue hiding this story under the floor. Then fuma says to dry the rope with salt water and burn it on the door board.

My son advised the lords this quickly. However, the lords of the neighboring country will still present second and third challenges. The second challenge is to “pass thread through the hole of bamboo crooked”, and the third challenge is to “make a drum that does not hit”. Then, Omaha solved these challenges neatly. The answer to the second challenge is to put honey on one side of the bamboo hole and put the ant wrapped with thread from the other hole. And the answer to the third challenge was to put hordes of bears in the drum.

Theirs who knew that these answers were due to all aged mothers were admired by the wisdom of the old and changed the idea so far. And the futile customs disappeared, people became able to live happily with old people.

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