Heaven Fortune and Earth Fortune|天福地福|Tenpuku Chifuku

Once upon a time,  a stingy old man were living next to  a honest old man.

It is said that the dreams which people see on the night of the 2nd day of New Year can come true.The honest old man told the stingy old man the fact that he saw his dream of giving blessings from heaven. Old stingy man said “I saw a dream of giving blessings from the earth”.

One day, an honest old man was working in a rice field and he found a vase from the rice field, containing gold. The Honest old man said, this must be “blessings from the earth”, so the honest old man gave the gold to an stingy man.

However, when the stingy old man opened the vase, a snake came out, not gold. The stingy old man thought that he was deceived by the honest man. So he climbed the roof of the honest old man’s house, and threw out the snake that came out of the pot from the sky. Then the snake became gold, and the honest old man was pleased that “Blessings from heaven”. The honest old man became rich.

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