Fishing By Using a Tale|尻尾の釣り|Shippo no Tsuri

Snow continued to fall on the mountain for many days, there was no food, the fox that made me hungry got down on the village.

So I met a cowardly man and tell me how to take fish. However, I decided to teach a lie to deceive a fox. Go to the lake in the middle of the night, if there are open holes in thick ice tight spots, teach that big fish will be hanging down there.

The fox who completely believed that lie, as it was said poorly, found a hole in the lake that stuck on the ice, on a cold cold day, endured the cold and drooped the tail.

As I kept waiting, the ice on the lake gradually froze and the fox ‘s tail was caught between thick ice. But when the fox who misunderstood it as a big fish pulled all the way, he seems to have torn off his tail.

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