Eight-Disguise Hat|Yatsubake Zukin|八化け頭巾

Once upon a time, Mr. Kazuo, a mischievous fellow, saw a fox practicing the way of digestion in the bush.

Mr. Kazushifutsu himself was a fox and succeeded in exchanging a simple hood with a towel of a fox ‘s gypsy tool, saying that he is using this hood to change it. When I returned to my temple, a big boy was arriving with the little boy. Therefore, Mr. Kazusa thought that he would tease the big boss.

For your boyfriend, please use whichever you like in the two rooms. There was a beautiful stall in the first room, the Buddha statue was set in the second room. Since the boy was in front of the boy, he entered between Buddhist statues and chanting sutra, but eventually when Kozan started dozing, he went to the neighboring room of the Tamago and had a drink.

However, the bastard had been disguised using the fox’s tobacco using a fox’s towel, suddenly transformed into Fudo, and “angry! The boy is drinking !!” I was surprised and ran away.

At that time, that fox did not know that he was deceived, he intended to transform himself into a daughter with Honjo’s hood and was walking in the town with its appearance as it was. A story that people make foxes.

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