Dead or Alive|死ぬが一ツ生きるが一ツ|Shinu ga hitostu, Ikiru ga hitotsu

Once upon a time there was a temple in a village, Mr. Yasushi and Kozan lived there. This little boy, he seemed to love fencing more than three times rice than sperm.
One day, Kozo asked the way to the samurai in front of the gate. Koi adores longing for the appearance of a good-looking samurai, and she asked Mr. Kazushi to go to practice swordsmanship. Then, Mr. Kazusa gave one squirrel to the little monk, saying, “It is good to open this bag when one die, but live one.”
In this way the little boy followed the samurai and climbed the mountain. Then when you come to the pass, three thieves ghosts appear to have appeared. And so nearby the samurai was falling apart and falling. Koi runs down the mountain with so much fear, and got into the boat and ran away to the sea.
However, the three monsters threw a gauze into the boat that came out to the ocean, and caught them easily. Then, as she was pulled by the gauze, the boat steadily returned to the pass. While being drawn, Kozo remembered the words of Mr. Kazushi, and opened a sack for a desperate feeling, one of the rasp was contained in it. Kozo seemed to have scooped the gauzes with the file and managed to escape to the temple somehow.
Mr. Oshima of the temple who heard a story from Kozo taught to Kozan “I climbed the turret of the pond, removed the bridge and used the file!” Koi rushed to the oar of the pond and began to scrape the rope hanging the bell with file. Potato, soon three monsters came to the temple and began looking for a boy.
When the monsters came up to the pond, they thought the figure of a small monk who was reflected in water as genuine, and jumped into the pond. Alongside here, Kozo sharpened the rope of the bell and dropped the bell over three monsters. In this way the Koi seems to have been saved.
From that point on, Kozo said that he says that “the file was more useful than a sword,” he never said he would like to return to practicing fencing again. Then, that you were encouraged to study under Mr. Hazime.

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