A tongue cut Sparrow| 舌切り雀|Shitakiri Suzume

Once Upon a time, there was a grand old grandfather and greedy girl in a certain place.

When the old man went into the forest, one sparrow was hurt. I brought back home and made an allowance at once, I added a name called Ochon and I loved it. However, the old lady did not think that the grandfather loves sparrows funny.

When Grandpa was out, Ochon ate grapes made by her grandmother, so the grandmother was furious and cut a little tongue with scissors. The grandfather who came home and heard about it went to the forest to find the goby who ran away.

A grandpa came and welcomed me when my grandfather looked for a sparrow. Two girls came out as souvenirs on the way home, and the old man told me to take one I like, picked the smaller one and went back home.

When I got home and opened the spell, a lot of treasures came out from inside. But a greedy grandfather is furious to know that the grandpa chose the smaller one. He said that there must have been more treasures in the bigger one and I will go to a sparrow inn.

And I chose a big spell on my way home. The grandmother says to never open until arriving at home, but when an old lady who could not wait to get home. Then Many ghosts appeared from inside of the box. The surprised grandmother rushed to go home to escape the mountain.

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