A Special Tea Pot|Bunbuku Tyagama|ぶんぶく茶釜

Once Upon a time. When Mr. Waja bought an old tea ceremony, it burned on fire to boil hot water, the scoop of the tea ceremony was “hot!” Mr. Kazue, who hesitated, gave way to the old store store.

Take the old-fashioned goods store home and return home, I know that the tea ceremony is the one that the raccoon died. Because the raccoon can not return to its original form as it was, the old furniture store made an show shack as it was said by the raccoon dog, gave a name as Fifuku tea ceremony and earned a lot of money.

Eventually the raccoon died suffered from illness and died in the form of a tea pot. The old furniture store brought the tea pot to the temple and was saved. The tea kettle is still being reported to Maolin

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