A Rolling Bean|豆粒ころころ|Mametsubu Korokoro

Once Upon a time. The old man’s honest man dropped a bean in the stove.

When Grandpa said “I can not do it poorly with a grain of bean,” I looked inside the crown, and the hole flew into the open space. There was Jizo there and eaten the beans, but thanks to that, in the house of the red shoji paper ahead this time, I helped the rice chestnut, and also back to the ceiling of the house of the black shoji screens in the destination, It is said that there are good things to do.

The first house was a house of rats. Mouse said “I do not want to hear the voice of meow.”
The old man helped the rice-bowler. My grandfather got a red kimono in a thank-you. Next is the demon’s house, the demons were striking before the gold and silver. When the old man imitated the chicken, the demons misunderstood that the morning came and left the treasure in a panic fled. My grandfather went home with treasure and told the grandmother about it.

Then the gentle old neighbor who was eavesdropping on that story put a lot of beans in a bamboo basket and came to his grandfather ‘s house, jerked it into the bowl and jumped into the hole. And as you learned from Jizo, as I went to the house of the rat, I imitated the cat and threatened the mouse and thought about taking the treasure, but the surprised rat threw a pestle against his grandfather.

I ran away in a hurry and went to the house of the demon but since I was afraid of the demon, I cried out wrongly “the first ride, the second ride” and I was kicked to the valley by angry demons.

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