A Lump Man|Kobutori-jiisan|こぶとりじいさん

Once upon a time, there was a carefolous grandfather and a narrow grandfather with big bumps on his face.
When an easy – going grandfather went to cut the trees in the forest, it suddenly started to rain so we chose to rain with rain from the rain. As soon as I fell asleep, when I awoke, the demons were dancing happily.
The grandfather also entered into the circle of demons. The ogre who liked the grandfather ‘s dance, like to come again tomorrow, said he would take care of this until then and took a hump of the face.
Toukyou talking about that to the other grandfather, the old man quickly jumped into the circle of the demon’s dance that evening. However, unlike a cheerful grandpa, he dislikes dancing and dancing without doubt, so the demons have completely scooped up.
The grandpa pleaded to take a bump, but on the contrary it was attached to the face that had been kept yesterday, and I had to hang on both cheeks and have to send my whole life.

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