A Fire Man|火男|Hi otoko

Once upon a time, an old lady who was lazy and greedy lived in a worker’s grandfather.

One day, as usual my grandfather mowed a bush in the mountain, I heard a voice from the cave called “Shiba, God of a bush.” As the grandfather came close to the hole, the bush I had was sucked in. Because a voice is heard “more and more” from the hole, a good old man carried many bushings while being told. Among them, my old man was sucked into a hole.

The world in the hole is a world of bright red fire, and from the god of fire gave me a wrapper with “treasure of the bush” and treasure. When I got home and opened the package, a strange boy with a funny face was in it. The grandmother was angry with Punpun, but the old man raised it carefully as “Fire Man”.

The boy was doing no hesitation and hesitatingly hesitating, so he at last suddenly swelled up. A grandfather came out of Heso when he tried to knock it with Kisel with a sad feeling. Every time an Ogre gets out, a little bit of Heso gets smaller, so the grandfather tapped him only three times everyday.

Greedy old woman saw the time when her grandfather was absent, he chased the fire man with a huge kissel when he saw a thousand-two boxes out of Heso. The fireman who was chased by the furnace returned to the god of fire as a fire. The old man who knew about it and carved the face of the fire man and put it on the pillar close to the furnace.

Even now, the tradition of casting a fireman’s face near the furnace remains in this area. It seems that it eventually turned out to be “face-down” and something used for festivals as well.

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