Urashima Taro|浦島太郎

Once upon a time, there was a fisherman named Urashima Taro. Taro lived with his mother.

One day, walking along the beach, the children were bullying small turtles. Taro stop them bullying the turtle, and gave the turtle back to the sea.

The next day, Taro was fishing along the beach. A large sea turtle faced the ocean from the sea. The sea turtle said, “Thank you for helping my son yesterday, I will take you to Dragon Palace.” The sea turtle put Taro on her back and dives into the sea.

In the Dragon Palace, beautiful Princess Oto welcomed Taro, and he was welcomed with delicious treats and dancing of fish dance. Taro danced and he enjoyed a couple of days.

One day, Taro decided to go home, and he said, “My mother will get angry if I do not return home soon.” Princess Oto said, “This is a treasure of Dragon Palace. When you face in trouble, you can open it”. She handed a special box to the Taro.

When Taro returned to the beach after several days, his house was gone. Additionally, everybody he knows was gone. Taro caught a passing guy and talked him. Then he came to know that it had already been 300 years.

Taro was so sad when he realized that there was no one who he knew in this world. However, he remembered the special box he got in Dragon Palace, and he opened it. Then, smoke came out from inside, and Taro quickly became an old-man.

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