The Grateful Crane|鶴の恩返し|Tsuru no Ongaeshi

Once upon a time. there was an old man walking in the mountain. He found a crane suffering from a hunter’s trap near the swamp and removed the trap.The crane flew away happily.

A cute lady came over that night, saying she got lost in the middle of the trip. The old man and the old woman sorry for the lady, and they let her stay in the house and let him eat warm porridge. She said that she would live with us. They started to live together.

The next morning, the lady entered the weaving room with thread.She always say, “Never open the waving room when I am weaving”. after a while she woven a very beautiful cloth and came out. The grandfather could sell this at a high price in town and buy rice. That evening and the next evening my daughter weaved the cloth and the old man went to sell to the town.

The old man and woman noticed one day that the lady  is getting thinner and thinner. They worried the lady. One day they finally opened the door of weaving room. They saw that a crane, which the old man saved, was weaving by using crane’s wings. The crane said, “I must go home”, and flewed away.

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