Princess Kaguya|かぐや姫|Kaguya Hime

<h2>Japanese Folk Tales</h2>

Once upon a time, one old man saw a bamboo shining in gold. When he cut the bamboo a small girl was sitting inside. He took the small girl home, and named her Kaguya Princess, and nurture her.

The old man tried to find a golden bamboo when he went into a mountain. He was able to find the shining tree, and there were many gold in it. The old man became rich. In about three months, Kaguya and Princess grew a beautiful daughter. The rumor of the beautiful lady spread around his town, and the application of marriage was came to him, but Princess Kaguya tried to make an unreasonable order to all applicants, and they give up getting married to her.

One day, Princess Kaguya talked to the old man, and she said that  she was a citizen of the Moon. She continued, “On August 15th, people from the Moon come and they will pick her up so that she can go back to the Moon”. The old man hired a lot of samurai on the fifteenth day of August, and tried to protect Princess Kaguya. But when the messenger of the moon  came and talked,  the samurai could not move at all. Princess Kaguya gave medicine of Immortal life to his grandfather,  and she told him goodbye, and went back to the moon city with the moon’s messenger.

The old man said, “I have a medicine of life that I received from Princess Kaguya, but there is no reason why I live long without Princess Kaguya”. Afterwards, he put the medicine of life into the fire.
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