A Snow Girl|雪女|Yuki Onna

In cold northern countries there were parents of a hunter named Mosakui and Minokichi.

Snow stormed in the middle of hunting, and they decided to reveal the night at the mountain lockers. When they were asleep, a woman came into the cabin with a snowstorm and blew a white breath on Mosaku. Then the body of Mosaku froze and stepped on and on. Next time the woman goes to Sonnichi, you are still young, so I help only life, but I do not say anything to today.

A snowy night in the former Sonokichi who became one person, a woman asked for an overnight stay. It is good that the woman is snow, Sonnichi really liked the snow and started living together for the bride.

One night on a snowstorm, Sonnichi talked about the night when sake had lost Mosaku by sake. Sonokichi said, “The woman at that time looked exactly like you,” snow confessed that she was the snowy girl and said that she could not stay here already because he was talking about, disappearing.

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