A Rabit and a Turtle|うさぎとカメ|Usagi to Kame

Once Upon a time, there was a rabbit and a turtle.

One day, the rabbit asked a turtle to compete which one can go to the top of a mountain. The rabbit had a great confident win because the rabbit knows that the rabbit can run faster than a turtle. As the rabbit expected, the rabbit can run much faster than a turtle in the race.  The rabbit has a conviction to win this race, so the rabbit decided to take a rest. Eventually the rabbit felt asleep. During the rabbit felt asleep, the turtle runs as fast as he could. Four hours later, the rabbit woke up, and then the turtle has already been on the top of the mountain.

The rabbit said, “If I did not sleep. I was able to win this race, so let’s compete which one can go down this mountain.” The turtle was accepted the competition.

In the second race, the rabbit runs faster than ever before. As the rabbit runs, it started to rain. Rain gets harder and harder, and a river finally overflowed. Rabbit was not able to swim, so the rabbit was upset. Eventually the turtle catch up the rabbit, and the turtle swims the river in a elegant manner, and the turtle won the second race, too.

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