A Pond Snail Millionaire|たにし長者|Tanishi Choujya

Once upon a time. There was a couple without children, and they were praying to water gods every day so that they can get a child. Then one day, the woman had a baby, and the baby was a pond snail. The couple was surprised but brought up carefully because they thought that water gods answered their prayer. Twenty years have passed, and the two have totally got very old, but the pond nail have remained as it was.

But suddenly one day, the pond snail said that the snail would make them happy. The pond snail ride a horse in a good manner. The pond snail happened to meet a millionaire, and he was very interested in the pond snail because a pond snail was riding a horse. The millionaire offered the pond snail to marry to his daughter. The pond snail was really happy. On the other hand, the daughter got really mad because she does not get marry to a pond snail. However, there was a younger daughter accepted the marriage.

After a year passed, the wife and the pond snail went out to see the festival of the pharmacist. Then, a lot of crows tried to eat a pond snail. The wife tried to save him. Then the snail got bigger and bigger. The wife prayer was answered and the snail became a nice man. They started a business. People have heard the story of the snail, and their business was really successful, and he became a millionaire. They were called the pond snail millionaire.

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