A Lagenaria Millonaire|Yuugao Choujya|夕顔長者

A long time ago there was a chief. The elder had a son called Ichitaro, Jiro. My brother Ichitaro is an idiot and greedy guy. My brother Jiro was a friendly man with brother’s thought.
One day, the elder who realized the death called two people to the bedside, and died when he died saying that the property of the house should be separated by the two. Ichitaro quickly finished the funeral, handed a little seeds to Jiro, corrected the garden sheds, let him live, and kick out Jiro.
Jiro encouraged himself to make rice and became a good harvest in autumn, but all the rice was swept away by a storm. To Jiro who came to borrow again the seeds, Ichitaru Ichitaro gives hot water to the seeds, hands what they did not like to bud, and tells me to return the rice that will come next year.
Six months later, when Ichitaro went to see Jiro’s appearance, the fruit of the evening face was harvested. Ichitaro who got angry about breaking the promise to return rice broke out with Jiro and broke away.
After that, when Jiro cut the fruit of the evening, a lot of rice came out from inside. Thanks to this, Jiro became the first village chief and was called “Evening chief”. In addition, Ichitaro who devoured her property was completely poor in a few years.
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