A cat and a dog|猫と犬|Neko to Inu

Once Upon a time, in the house of Rosuke ‘s blacksmith in the outskirts of the village, there were cats Nyan Goro and a dog’ s one Yoshichi lived.
One day, Mr. Kusuke decided to go to the town with a tool he made. Mr. Ryosuke gave Nyan Goro and Wan Kichi as if he did not snooze properly and he went out of the house.
When Gosei went out, Goro Nyan told him to eat lunch and brought fish. “This is bad, I do not have a side dish for my husband’s supper,” Wan Yich said, “If you eat it, till then,” Nyan Goro has eaten fish. And, in Winklet he left only his head and tail.
As I got late, I got sleepy, so Nyan Goro did not mind speaking her husband, and started taking a nap on the verge. Wan Kichi looking at this, after a while I became sleepy too, so I will say to Nyan Goro that this time I’m going to sleep.
Then, Nyon Goro says to sleep in the garden because I become sleepy when I take a nap next to me. Without help, One Kichi decided to lay a bed and go to bed in the garden.
While Yoshichi was sleeping, Nyan Goro who is trying to keep awake, gradually gotten out and finally fell asleep at the edge without being able to endure.
Well, while doing that, a buried nest aiming for absence came in at home. However, as I was sleeping with the two animals, I did not notice that the empty nest came in, and the bird ‘s nest steals a complete set of household goods as this is good.
Goro Nyan awoke to herself when her husband, Masayoshi returned. If you look inside the house, all the things such as household items are stolen. In a panic, Gyuro Nyan made a wound by hitting Buddha on his head, wrapped a bandage around her arms and struck it in the ashes of the hearth. And when Mr. Josuke came back, I fought against this thief this way, but I told that Wang was taking a nap outside without regard to thieves, etc., letting one one get a responsibility entered into the empty hound It’s gone.
An angry author, Mr. Ryosuke, did not allow Han Yich to rise into the house afterwards, and Wan Yich had to eat in the garden.
For this reason, it is said that cats eat at Kamakura until now, and dogs are eating outside.

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